Trigger Point Massage at Strata Massage Therapy

Trigger points are defined as “a focus of hyperirritability in a tissue that, when compressed, is locally tender and, if sufficiently hypersensitive, gives rise to referred pain and tenderness.” In other words: a trigger point is believed to be a localized spasm or knot in the muscle fiber that may cause pain to be referred to other, more distant parts of the body. This type of massage is usually done while communicating with my client. It is tender/painful to work but has almost quantifiable difference when resolved. The level of release depends on communication from the client and the ability to relax and let go. With Trigger points you either have them or don’t, I can’t work something that isn’t there. A good indication you have a trigger point is complaint of sharp pain in particular spots or the feeling of “a band needing to be plucked”.

Trigger Point Massage